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The Lone Scout-A was a scout starship produced by Republic Sienar Systems and later Sienar Fleet Systems under the name "Sienar Ships".


A civilian variant of the TIE/sr starfighter, the Scout-A was designed to be operated by a crew of one, but could carry three passengers, and carried enough consumables for a full year of operation. It had space to carry 150 metric tons of cargo in its 60 cubic meter hold. It was equipped with a Class 3 hyperdrive (with a Class 15 backup hyperdrive), a high-quality sensor array, shields, and a single laser cannon for defense.


It was one of the first ships to use the revolutionary Twin Ion Engine design, with a cockpit and sublight engines strongly foreshadowing later Sienar craft. However, its large passenger and cargo compartment made it much larger than those later starfighter designs, stretching it out to a length of 24 meters. Also unlike those craft, the Lone Scout-A was made available to, and widely used by, the civilian market.


A variant, the Lone Scout A-2, or LSA-2, was used by the Imperial Navy and the Imperial Scout Corps. It had an improved deep scan sensor array and a more capable backup hyperdrive (Class 12, instead of the Lone Scout-A's Class 15 backup drive), at the cost of 25 tons of cargo space. Lone Scout A-2s were sent to Dantooine from the Death Star to investigate claims that a Rebel base was located there.



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