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The Lone Scout A-2 or LSA-2 was a variant of the Lone Scout-A scout vessel.


The Lone Scout A-2 shared a similar design with the Lone Scout-A, but incorporated an improved backup hyperdrive and an improved deep scan sensor array.[1] However, these improvements reduced the LSA-2 cargo capacity by twenty-five metric tons[2]


The Lone Scout A-2 was used by the Imperial Navy,[2] the Imperial Survey Corps, and later the New Republic's Bureau of Scouting and Exploration Services[1]


Lone Scout A-2s were dispatched by the Death Star to investigate Princess Leia Organa's claims that the main Alliance to Restore the Republic base was located on the planet Dantooine.[2] The popularity of the Lone Scout A-2 brought it into service with the New Republic's Scout Service. The New Republic used the Lone Scout A-2 for standard exploration missions into Wild Space. The vessels were usually crewed by a pilot and specialist, but the extra space allowed the ship to perform a variety of missions.[1]


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