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The Longshot was a modified Tri-Mark VII Interceptor and Meeko Ghintee's personal starship.


Originally built by Elsinore-Cordova Engineering and powered by three Elsinore-Cordova Turbodyne engines, the exceptionally fast Longshot was armed with six autotargeting dual-barrel turrets and a concussion missile launcher.


Jango stares upon the Longshot, which has sustained serious damage.

Once a Republic Security Force interceptor, the Longshot was stolen by Meeko after his escape from Desolation Alley. He lured the ship to the Sargesso asteroids and ambushed it, ramming the interceptor into submission, breaching its hull and destroying the life-support systems, killing all its occupants. After some repairs and fresh armaments, Meeko took the ship as his own. He named it the Longshot after what he jokingly called his odds of a successful escape.

When pursued by Jango Fett on the Outland Station, Meeko led the the bounty hunter to his hangar, where the Longshot was kept. Jango followed and cornered Meeko, who was protected by his ship. Jango fought the criminal from the outside, destroying all of its weapons. The Longshot was brought down, leaving Meeko captured and on his way back to Oovo IV.