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The Loran Spitball was a tactic developed by Wraith Squadron specifically for use while they were stationed aboard and operated from the modified CR90 corvette Night Caller.

Developed by Wraith pilot Lieutenant Garik Loran in 7 ABY, the tactic involved venting the atmosphere out of and opening the door for the corvette's bow hold, which had been modified to carry nine X-wing starfighters instead of the four TIE/LN starfighters that the warship had held while in service with Warlord Zsinj (itself a modification of the standard Corellian Corvette design). The fighters were then used as static torpedo launchers, allowing the corvette to unleash as many as eighteen proton torpedoes in a single attack.

The tactic was used on two known occasions; first during the Battle of Talasea, where the tactic was created, and again at the Battle of Ession.


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