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This article is about Hetton's mother. You may be looking for the ship named after her.

Loranda was the mother of Hetton. She never knew of her son's Force-sensitivity until he was in his twenties, at which point she hired the Duros bounty hunter Gula Dwan to train her son in the ways of the Force. Loranda's family was very wealthy and able to pay the Dwan a considerable fee, but when Loranda released Dwan of his duties, she realized that he was a threat to their secret and had Hetton kill him.

Loranda eventually came to admire the dark side as her son did, and urged him to join the Brotherhood of Darkness. When Hetton refused, Loranda was determined to tell the Brotherhood about him anyway; something Hetton predicted, and therefore he killed her himself.

Hetton later named his starship after her.


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