The Lord's Mistress was a YKL-37R Nova Courier light freighter owned by Hap Daniel.


In 1 ABY, the Mistress was traveling through the Tatooine system carrying a load of Corellian brandy when it was attacked. The station master of the Dantooine Space Station had hired a spacer to intercept the ship and steal its cargo for him. The spacer disabled the engines of the Mistress with his weapons, boarded the ship, transferred the brandy onto his ship, and then left the system to return to the Dantooine system.

When Daniel learned of the theft, he tried to take his revenge on the spacer. He managed to track him to the Dantooine system just as the spacer was about to deliver the stolen brandy to the Dantooine Space Station. When the station master realized that Daniel would find out about his involvement in the theft, he ordered the spacer to eliminate him. It came to a dogfight between the spacer and Daniel in his Ixiyen-class fast attack craft that ended when Daniel's ship was shot down.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Lord's Mistress is the third target of a mission that is available to players when communicating with the Dantooine Space Station. The first two targets were the Shifty Prince and the Bez'ox Mentzz.