Loreli Ro was a female Mere from Maramere, serving as an ambassador during the waning years of the Republic. She used information from Vana Sage to track down Nym on Rodia. She hired him to find Invisible Island and take out Sol Sixxa, joining him on the mission, and preventing Nym from drowning when he crashed the Sunrunner into the Revenant. At some point she was the Mere leader of the space port at Point Modie, during which, was bombarded by Trihexalon loaded missiles fired from Hex Deployers belonging to Sabaoth Squadron, which started to kill hundreds before Jedi Master Adi Gallia and Reti came to her aid defending the space port and saving thousands.

Behind the scenesEdit

She was voiced by Grey DeLisle in video-game Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter.