Lorgan Movellan was a male Weequay and the boss of the Red Key Raiders. He was described by Cobb Vanth as a thug and dung-muncher.[1]

Freetown's lawman and mayor Cobb Vanth was captured by the Red Key Raiders in 5 ABY. Movellan wanted to exploit Tatooine as a source of dilarium oil, silicax oxalate, and slaves. A gloating Movellan informed Cobb about his plan to sell the baby Hutt Borgo in order to buy Tatooine from the Hutts. When Lorgan's henchwoman Trayness began beating the Beastmaster Malakili, Borgo began howling. Before Movellan could deal with Cobb, several Tusken Raiders riding banthas attacked the Red Key forces in Freetown. With the tables turned, Cobb confronted the defeated Lorgan and told him that he and Malakili have struck a deal with the Tuskens to keep slavers out. As a parting "gift", Cobb carved a message into Lorgan's face with his blade.[2]

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