"Put your weapons on the floor and step away from them, no one has to get hurt."
―Lorwin Derlynn[src]

Lorwin Derlynn was a male Human who served in the Thaereian military during the Clone Wars.


Derlynn was a career officer in the Thaereian military. During the Clone Wars, he believed that the Cularin Militia might be a front for a Separatist cell, so he lead a squad of Thaereian troops to investigated an abandoned Militia base in the Cularin system asteroid belt. The Heroes of Cularin arrived at the base while Detlynn was there and he he tried to get them to surrender. The heroes tried to persuade him and the squad that the Thaereians were evil and that they should defect to the Militia.

Personality and traitsEdit

Derlynn would think before shooting and preferred to take prisoners than to kill people. He believed that the Cularin Militia were ruthless scum, because his superiors had led them to believe that.

Behind the scenesEdit

Derlynn made his first and only appearance in Incursion, a scenario in the Belted In trilogy of the Living Force campaign, a supplement to the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. In that his rank during his encounter with the heroes depends upon what tier level the player characters are at: for lower tier players he is a Lieutenant, for mid-tier ones he is a Lieutenant Commander and for higher tier players, he is a Commander.