Losk Tenchi was a pudgy middle-aged Human who operated illegally in the Tapani sector during the Galactic Civil War period. He appeared older than he actually was due to his weather-beaten face.

Tenchi worked illegal mining claims in the Tapani sector for around thirty years and had an intimate knowledge of the sectors systems and mines. He was a so called "Claim Jumper" that would slip into established mining operations and strike small claims in inactive areas. Losk made millions of credits but lost it quickly. He was a great miner but not a very proficient businessman. In his youth Losk worked with a number of partners who swindled him out of a lot of money. As a consequent he now operates alone without even a droid for company.

During the Rebellion era he stumbled on a secret corusca mining operation located in Calipsa Province. When he went to Calipsa for supplies he was arrested on unrelated charges and imprisoned for several years. When he was released from prison he planned to return to the corusca deposit and make his final claim before he retiring.