"Lost Knowledge" is the introductory adventure included in Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: Force and Destiny Beta, released at Gen Con Game Fair on August 14, 2014. It has a three-part structure, and features a team of Force-sensitives as they investigate a hidden temple on Athiss, which features a manifestation of the Dark side of the Force taking the guise of a long-dead Sith Lord.

Plot summaryEdit

A group of Force-sensitives and lore-seekers have discovered what they believe to be a Jedi tomb—actually a tomb of a Sith Lord which had been lost to history—so they travel via shuttle to the planet Athiss. They arrive at the Far Orbit Resort and Lodge to gather information and supplies prior to their expedition to the temple.

Once they set out, they face a journey of several days to the temple. Along the way, they encounter native wildlife and a group of hunters from the resort who had been corrupted by the Dark side of the Force from the temple. After defusing the situation, the party moved on.

They eventually found the temple, and battled the descendants of creatures long-ago mutated by Sith alchemy. Proceeding into the tomb, they faced a Force illusion of the ancient Sith Lord, which eventually dissipated. They were then free to explore the rest of the Temple.