The Lost Lady was an old space barge used to transport illicit cargo and passengers between Nal Hutta and the Smugglers' Moon, Nar Shaddaa. It operated during the early years of the New Order.


The Lost Lady was a heavily modified and battered Ubrikkian Dartiss-5 Caravel space barge, deemed even too ragged for the poorest of Hutts to own. It fell into the hands of the Sullustan scavenger and con man Vir Nurb, who used it both as a shuttle to and from the Smugglers' Moon, and as a smuggling transport ideal for carrying illegal goods right under the noses of the Hutts. To avoid Hutt inspections, Nurb docked at an old junked building in the lower levels of Nal Hutta, rather than using official spaceports. Though the Hutts were wise to this, they turned a blind eye as long as the bribes kept coming.

The Hutts took a greater interest in the Lady when the rogue scout Deggar Feps boarded the vessel on Nal Hutta. Tracked by a spy droid, NEK-01, Deggar brought the wrath of the Hutts down on the space barge. To make matters worse, a bounty hunter ship, Dorsal Killer, responded to the homing beacon planted by NEK-01, and opened fire on the Lady. After a tense laser fight, the passengers onboard the Lady were able to destroy the homing beacon, allowing the Lady to return to its flight path.