The following is an email conversation between me and John Jackson Miller on 22 January, 2014. He gave his permission to post this message on the Wiki for others to refer to. Andykatib 11:08, 27 February, 2014 (UTC)

Source:  E-mail from John Jackson Miller, permission granted to postAttribution:  John Jackson Miller

Me: Dear Mr Miller,

Thankyou so much for your previous help with my Wookieepedia enquiries. It's sad to hear that Dark Horse has transferred the Star Wars comic franchise to Marvel but I am sure they will work things out. I have just a few questions regarding the Lost Tribe of the Sith.

1) Purgatory and Sentinel are not very clear about Campion Dey's motives for killing Grand Lord Lillia Venn. Jelph Marrian argues that Venn staged her own assassination attempt to make scapegoats out of Candra and Ori. Did Venn and her minions hire Campion to stage the attack and then kill him after he had outlived his usefulness? Or did Campion just succumb to the Sith lust for power?

2)Is there a chance that edell vrai's Golden Destiny faction is descended from Pallima's Gold faction in Purgatory and Sentinel?

3) Pandemonium is not very clear what happens to Korsin Bentado's surviving Sith warriors after Hilt's arrival. Chapter 16 mentioned that Edell used the Force to reassert control over Bentado's men and the signalling devices. Chapter 17 then mentions that Bentado's Keshiri servants and Squab, who was loyal to hilts, held the important signal tower until they were relieved by Hilts' white-suited advisers. Since Jogan and Hilts portrayed Bentado's men as the Destructors' servants, they would have been imprisoned or executed? Hilts and Iliana wanted to use the alanciari invasion to eliminate the Korsinite League.

4) Did the Tribe have a secret service like the KGB, Mossad or Stasi? Nida Korsin developed a ring of Keshiri informants including Tona? Squab was placed with bentado to keep an eye on him. Spiral 2 mentions that the Tribal had an intelligence depository at Orreg. Grand lord hilts also recruits Parlan Spinner as his Hand.

Please write back when you can. Thank you so much for your contributions to the Star Wars expanded universe.

Best regards, Andrew Lim Sent from my iPhone

John Jackson Miller:

1) It's intentionally left murky -- since Ori never really knows -- but Marrion is right about Campion. Campion was either set up by Venn's agents into making a lone-wolf attack on his own -- or was flipped by Venn's side into staging an attack (finding out, perhaps to his surprise, that he would die in the process). It really doesn't matter which it was.

2) No. The Golden Destiny actually believed in something; the Golds were united by nothing other than not being the other side.

3) Chapter 16 simply says Edell reasserted control, not that he did so with the Force. Bentado's allies had mostly been wiped out by the native anti-air forces during the attempted invasion of Alanciar; only the crew of his personal dirigible made it to the capital, where they hijacked the central command center and began issuing orders. Once Bentado was dead and Edell controlled the communications tower, the Keshiri that Bentado had brought with him to man it would have followed Edell's orders -- which would have given him all the leverage he needed against any of Bentado's surviving allies downstairs.

At a minimum, he'd have threatened to bring all the Keshiri in the land down upon the facility if Bentado's thugs didn't stand down; he also would have been able to communicate any deal to survive offered by Hilts. It's easy to imagine that a handful of Bentado's supporters might have been offered exile or survival as slaves, once Hilts' people arrived en masse; the Korsinite faction was pretty much broken by that point, and the head of the serpent had been cut off. No telling how long they would have been permitted to survive after that, of course.

4) Every Sith had his or her own spies working for them, so it wasn't any kind of single formal agency. There were dozens. Iliana's group was perhaps the best.

Best, John Jackson Miller

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