"Lot Niss, please meet your party of one Human and one Houk in the entry hall."
―An announcement on the Grand Terminals speaker system[src]

Lot Niss was a false named used as a signal by intelligence agents on the planet Junction. The agents were tracking a courier carrying credits meant as payment to the Zygerrian slaver family named the Thanda clan from a rich shipping magnate named Brevis Taug. When the courier arrived at the Grand Terminal spaceport on Junction they played an announcement including the name Lot Niss over the Terminal's speaker system to alert a group of hired spacers staking out the area as to the arrival and identity of the courier.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Lot Niss was first used in Zygerrian Takedown, an adventure released online for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game produced by Wizards of the Coast and written by Jason Fry. If Lot Niss is actually an existing individuals name is not made clear.


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