"It calls, we answer. Come to us, as we know you will. Your banishment is at an end. Sow fear."
―Dread Master Calphayus[src]

Lotek'k, better known as the Terror From Beyond, was a massive and mysterious multi-tentacled entity that was banished beyond the reaches of the known galaxy. It remained there until the time of the Cold War when the Dread Masters went renegade and began a campaign of creating fear throughout the galaxy. Amongst their plans involved sending their agent Kephess to the Gree world of Asation in order to take control of the Grand Hypergate. With it, the Trandoshan began bringing countless nameless horrors onto the planet to terrorize it leading to the Gree Enclave calling upon assistance from both the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic.

Spacers from both factions managed to defeat Kephess but not before the Hypergate was activated whereupon the Dread Master Calphayus summoned forth the Terror From Beyond from its distant prison. The creature emerged partially from the rift in hyperspace but was beaten back into the structure where the spacers had to dislodge the beast from its hold thus defeating it along with the threat to Asation.

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The Terror from Beyond is the fifth and final encounter in the operation Terror from Beyond,[1] game update 1.4 of the game Star Wars: The Old Republic.[2] Though the creature is only identified in-game as "The Terror from Beyond", the description of an in-game screenshot on the official website gives the name Lotek'k.[3]



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