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The Lothal Jedi Temple was a megalithic structure on the Outer Rim planet Lothal. Built into a natural stone spire and the caverns that sprawled out beneath it, the Temple was commissioned by the Jedi Order due to the vergence found at the site.


Located in Lothal's northern hemisphere, the Force vergence of Lothal was identified by members of the Jedi Order passing through the Outer Rim. Shoring up the natural caverns beneath the large, central spire with ornate stone pillars and adorning the walls with glyphs and paintings, the Jedi laid tile and stone artwork to form meditation halls and rooms devoted to study and contemplation. Using their mastery of the Force, the Jedi pilgrims removed the central rock spire from the ground and hollowed its interior, building a grand entrance at its base and a secondary entrance midway up its walls. Using Force-inspired architectural designs, the Jedi sunk the spire back into the ground, where it screwed into the bedrock to secure the Temple from intruders; concealing the entrances. Only a pair of Jedi could raise the central spire out of the ground to reveal the entrances. The upper entrance hall was simple and unadorned, leading into a small meditation room with a single door leading into the subterranean caverns beyond the outer wall of the spire. Once raised again to reveal the main entrance at the base of the spire, the doorways leading off of the grand entrance lined up with different halls that accessed different cave systems. Large, concentric circles were cut into the grounds of the Temple, spiraling out from the central spire and wrapping around the lesser, natural towers. Amid the symbols and circles was an ancient emblem of the Order itself, designated as the spot Master-Padawan teams should stand when attempting to open the Temple. When harnessing the Force to raise the spire, the markings on the ground were thought to give off a radiant light within the Force.

The vergence that the Jedi had first detected at this site was quickly determined to concern the nature of attachment, and became the central aspect of the Jedi trial known as the Ordeal. Jedi would take their Padawans on a pilgrimage to the Lothal Temple to test the bond between themselves. The first challenge the pair would face involved opening the Temple to reveal the entrance. Once opened, the Master would begin meditation within the entrance hall while their Padawan entered the caverns beyond to face their Ordeal. Traveling through the tunnels, the Padawan would be visited by powerful visions that would test their attachment to their Master, friends, and the Order itself. If the Padawan could withstand the visions they would be able to find their way out back to their Master; if not, Master and Padawan alike would forever be entombed within the Temple.

When the Jedi Order collapsed at the end of the Clone Wars and the Galactic Empire rose to power, records of the Lothal Temple were lost to history. While some records remained detailing its location and use, only a Jedi would understand the references and clues to find its location.


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