Louie Mattic was the an individual from Alderaan and uncle to Elam Mattic, who moved to Taris by 3956 BBY.


An Alderaanian, Louise Mattic was aware of the severity of swoop gang violence in the Lower City of Taris and saw that world as more dangerous than than his homeworld.

After giving his nephew or niece Elam a blaster pistol, he trained him or her in its basic use. When Elam moved to Taris, Louie hoped that this would provide his relative with some basic protection against danger. In the meantime, he received news that his nephew and the brother of Elam had migrated to Tatooine to serve as a miner.

In 3956 BBY, Louie contacted Elam via an electronic message to check-up on how Elam's life had been thus far in the Lower City of Taris. He inquired whether Elam's brother had left behind their family pet Hyperdrive to give Elam some company while reminding Elam to avoid the swoop gangs and keep practicing with the blaster. He was aware that Elam stored his valuables in a footlocker that was secured by a password entry system and was confident that the computerized lock could not be sliced by anyone.

While Louie was correct that the safe's lock could not be hacked by even an expert slicer like Mission Vao, given that it was of an older model foreign to Tarisians, he did not anticipate that his electronic message would provide all the answers to the security questions that comprised the password. Specifically, the password was composed of the following answers: Elam's pet was named Hyperdrive, it was Elam's uncle that provided Elam with blaster training, and Elam's homeworld was Alderaan. When the Republic soldier Revan and his companions visited Elam's apartment in the Lower City when Elam was not home, they referred to the message to unlock the crate and recover its contents for their own use.

Behind the scenesEdit

Louie is only mentioned in the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic as the sender of an electronic message to his relative Elam Mattic who also never actually appears in the game itself. Louie's message allows the player, Revan, to loot a crate in an apartment in the Lower City of Taris, a deed that does not affect the player's alignment in spite of being robbery.


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