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"Welcome to Jedi Master Magazine for Star Wars Episodes I, II, and III. You have taken your first step on the journey to becoming a Jedi Knight, and will now extend your knowledge, practise the ways of the Force and improve your skills and talents. Inside you will learn about planets and battles, important warriors, alien species and famous Jedi Knights."

Love To Learn Star Wars Jedi Master: Episodes I, II, and III is a magazine published by Bauer Media Group for Australia and New Zealand. Branded a "Bumper Issue," the magazine compiles and reprints content from the first three issues of Star Wars Jedi Master Magazine, covering the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

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  1. The Love To Learn Star Wars Jedi Master: Episodes I, II, and III copyright is dated to 2015. The advertisement on page 4 indicates that the magazine was published before October 18 of that year.