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Lower Ring Lost Treasure

Zander in the Lower Ring

The Lower Ring was the seedy level of the Wheel, a space station that was home to the Freemakers, a family of scavengers. The Lower Ring was reputed as a crime haven where shady meetings, transactions, and fights took place. Podracing was a recreational activity that was popular with Wheel residents. Kordi Freemaker disliked the Lower Ring and likened visiting it to consuming death sticks.[1]

Zander Freemaker once took his younger brother Rowan Freemaker there to watch podracing in an attempt to cheer him up. Following the Escape from Cloud City, Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca visited the Lower Ring in an attempt to recruit bounty hunters to recover his "lost treasure" from Cloud City. After several bounty hunters including Dengar, Baash and Raam refused to take the job, Rowan volunteered his family in return for receiving gold bars. While on the Lower Ring, Dengar recognized Rowan as the kid that Graballa the Hutt was interested in.[1]


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