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"Go on. I can hold 'em off from here. They picked a poor spot for an ambush.Get to the cloudjumper and deliver that antidote."
―Lowghen Badra[src]

Lowghen Badra was a Human pilot and friend of the Jedi Master Niquon.


Badra worked as a technician at a base on the planet Yabosta. While working at his base, Niquon's Padawan, Nason Laric, arrived with the remains of an assassin droid.

Soon after Badra disassembled the droid and determined it made use of lethal Drethi venom, the pair was attacked by two groups of Rodians. Badra volunteered to hold them off, laying down a wall of counter-fire so Nason could reach his Cloudjumper and escape. Immediately after, an apprentice of the Dark Jedi Von Totha appeared to eliminate the young Jedi. Laric was able to defeat the overly-confident apprentice, allowing a limping Badra to approach the hangar and return with Laric to Yabosta.


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