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Loza Sil'ban was a female Bothan member of Bothan Spynet, operating during the Galactic Civil War.


When a large shipment of ryll went missing on its way to a Rebel medical facility, Sil'ban was among many agents hired by Lando Calrissian to recover it. She was trailing an ISB agent Jeffren Brek, who was also looking for the shipment. She reported his movements to Calrissian, as well as Alliance agent trying to recover the ryll, which eventually allowed the Rebel to confront and capture Brek. While the Rebel departed to pursue the trail, Sil'ban volunteered to take care of the Imperial. However, he soon managed to escape after injuring her head and stealing her blaster. Embarrassed, she returned to the Alliance operative and provided him with information about his next target—a smuggler named BoShek.


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