Skywalker: "Look at this place! It's like Yavin Four, but with more jungle. If that's possible."
Antilles: "This is nothing, Luke. Wait until you've seen a little more of the galaxy."
Senesca: "Wedge is right. Someday you'll see Ithor and say, 'I thought I'd seen jungles on—' what's the name of this planet, Commander?"
Narra: "This planet's so remote it doesn't even have a name, Senesca."
―Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles, Zev Senesca, and Arhul Narra[src]

Lubang Minor was a jungle planet widely considered nameless located in the Illisurevimurasi sector of the Outer Rim Territories.


Lubang Minor was the site of a Clone Wars battle that stranded clone trooper BL-1707, known as Able.[2]


Able in the jungles of Lubang Minor.

Decades later, the Alliance to Restore the Republic attempted to site a listening post on the unsettled planet in a mission guarded by Rebel pilots Arhul Narra, Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles, and Zev Senesca. They were attacked by Imperial forces, which drove the Rebels off the world only after they had met and recruited Able.[2]



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