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"Dr. Lucien guarantees me that only minor modifications are necessary to a 3PO's already impressive array of sensors in order to make it a first-class intelligence-gathering Droid, costing thousands less than the Akrayd Viper Probe Droid."
―Doctor Tobias[src]

Doctor Lucien was a[2] Human technician[1] working for Imperial Intelligence in the Analysis Bureau's Tech branch. Along with Dr. Tobias, Lucien believed that 3PO-series protocol droids could, with slight modification, be used as excellent infiltration droids.[2] Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, the pair were able to realize their idea by planting sabotaged droids with the Rebel Alliance. The droids ended up on the Alliance Intelligence flagship Shadow Raptor, where they led a revolt. A team of Alliance operatives tracked the droids' origin to Teagan, where Imperial Intelligence was operating in a Kwymar Automation Ltd. warehouse. The engineers retreated when the team arrived.[1]



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