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"If we cannot change what others will do in the future—we can change what we do. We can choose a different role. We cannot avert the prophesied doom—but we can survive it. And we will survive. We are few, but the Jedi ways will go on after the tribulations come. I know this—because I am the son of Krynda and Barrison Draay—and at last, I can see my future."
―Lucien Draay[src]

Lucien Draay (pronounced /lu:ʃʌn/)[6] was a near-Human Jedi Guardian and Jedi Master and a member of the Jedi High Council during the Mandalorian Wars. Regarded as a warrior by his fellow Jedi, Lucien was the son of Barrison Draay, a former financier turned Jedi who was killed during the Great Sith War while Lucien was still very young, and Krynda Draay, who, on the other hand, was concerned with matters of the Jedi Order and due to the difficult birth of Lucien, was unable to serve in the war. As a result, Lucien was left under the care of a droid in the Draay's large estate.

Growing up, Lucien felt neglected by his mother as she trained seers at the estate, wishing himself to be trained by his mother and become a great warrior like his father before him. He began training in the Jedi arts under the tutelage of Haazen, Krynda's retainer, after she rejected his pleas for her to train him along with her many students. Some time after his training was completed and he was made a Jedi Master, Krynda and Haazen officially formed the Jedi Covenant and arranged for him and a select group of Masters to be together. However, the Jedi High Council ordered that each be given a Padawan. The Masters hesitantly took the Padawans and trained them at the Jedi Tower on the planet Taris. Lucien was given the Padawan Zayne Carrick to train, though he would neglect his training in favor of concentrating on his mother's secret organization.

During the final trials of the group's Padawans, the WatchCircle encountered a vision of their deaths and what they believed to be the return of the Sith. The WatchCircle as a result struck their Padawans down during their Knighting ceremony, save for the late Zayne Carrick. The WatchCircle then framed the killings on Carrick, which resulted in a galaxy-wide chase for the supposed murderer.

Matters turned for worse as two of the four members of the WatchCircle were killed and Carrick was posed to set course for Coruscant to prove his innocence in front of the Jedi High Council and expose the secret organization. At this time, Lucien was the new appointee to the Council and used his position to further keep the Council from entering the Mandalorian Wars to aid the Galactic Republic and demean the actions of the Revanchist and his followers who were beginning to be viewed as heroes. Carrick's arrival on Coruscant allowed for Haazen's plans to be set forth in motion as he usurped control of the Covenant and attempted to replace the Jedi Order with a new Sith Order. In the chaos of command Vindication, Xamar was killed by orbital bombardment and Q'Anilia committed suicide. Krynda herself was revealed to have been kept alive only by stasis and, as a result, died. After a brief fight and brush with the dark side against his former Padawan in his grief over his mother's death, Lucien turned on Haazen and destroyed the usurper and his estate. Only surviving by clenching one of Haazen's Sith artifacts, Lucien was wounded and turned to a life with more humility on a moon where he arranged a new covenant to form; one that would embrace his parents' philosophies but unlike the previous, not try to change the future but rather face and survive the coming tribulation, allowing the Jedi to continue.


Early years and Jedi trainingEdit

"But it was my destiny to have sight and second sight. It was yours to have sight alone. Too much like your father!"
"My father? My father was a great warrior!"
"Your father is a dead warrior."
―Krynda Draay and Lucien Draay discuss his "limited ability"[src]
Young lucien

Lucien as a child.

In the year 4000 BBY[2], Jedi Master Krynda Draay gave birth to her and her husband's, the wealthy financier-turned-Jedi Barrison Draay, son Lucien. The birth however had its complications and Krynda was unable to serve in the Great Sith War as Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma ravaged the Republic a few years after Lucien's birth.[2] Barrison and his old friend, Haazen, served in the war. Unfortunately, Barrison was killed when a missile secretly planned by Haazen devastated him and other Jedi, while also causing Haazen to lose three of his limbs. The war continued to rage on and Krynda herself, caring for the young Lucien, became greatly saddened by the death of her husband, her sister and her master, the esteemed Vodo-Siosk Baas. This resulted in Krynda ceasing to train Padawans and to be active in Jedi affairs though she kept Haazen, a failed Padawan due to the sudden death of Barrison, as a retainer.[1]

While still in infancy, Lucien was left under the care of a house droid, 9BD, in the family estate. Though not involved in Jedi affairs, Krynda hoped that Lucien had inherited her "sight" and precognition[1] due to his maternal grandfather, Noab Hulis, being a Miraluka.[2] However, he could not and Krynda denied him training as a Jedi.[1]

For four years, Krynda denied potential Jedi trainees until Haazen brought to her a young Miraluka girl named Q'Anilia. With her arrival, Krynda began training Padawans again. Other Padawans that came to her included the insomniac Togruta Raana Tey, the much older and unexpected Feeorin, Feln, and the Khil, Xamar. Krynda trained them, along with various others, at the Estate. Lucien, feeling neglected by his mother, begged his mother to train him while doubting the blind Miraluka's ability to see. Krynda gave into his wishes, but had Haazen train him instead—a fact to which Lucien was not pleased with due to Haazen's "failed Padawan" status.[2][1]


Lucien during his training days on Coruscant.

After his father's death, Lucien often spent summers on Arkania with the son of Barrison's financial colleague, Alok Adasca, Arkoh Adasca.[7] Though Arkoh considered Lucien to be a friend,[8] Lucien found him to be a typical spoiled child.[7] Despite being invited to various parties hosted by The Adasca BioMechanical Corporation of Arkania, Lucien rarely enjoyed himself there, though on at least one occasion he was accompanied by Q'Anilia. Sometime after, Lucien and the Jedi Order "spirited away" Arkoh's niece and the second heir to the Adasca fortune, Aurora.[7]

Under Haazen's tutelage, Lucien became a warrior much as his father had before him. Krynda allowed her students—Q'Anilia, Feln, Raana Tey and Xamar—sparring sessions with Lucien but after he defeated all four of them, she became angry at him hurting her students though Haazen praised Lucien's ability. Due to this, Haazen made a deal with Jedi Master Vandar Tokare to officially allow Lucien into the Jedi Order on a probationary trial. Despite these successes, Krynda was more focused on her students, whom she considered to be the greatest seers that she had ever seen. Krynda and Haazen determined that this group was one that Krynda had foreseen—a group that would see the rise of the Sith and prevent it from unfolding. This group became the First WatchCircle in Krynda and Haazen's secret Jedi Covenant, financially backed by Barrison Draay's trust. The group needed protection and someone to handle arrangements. For this, they agreed that Lucien would fit this role.[1] The group went on to become full fledged Jedi Masters and all five were sent to the ecumenopolis and non-aligned planet of Taris in the Outer Rim Territories.[3]

Lucien and Krynda did formulate another branch off of the Covenant. From the Jedi Shadows during the Great Sith War, she and Lucien formed a large group of individuals called Covenant Shadows. The Shadows were absolutely loyal to Krynda, but their documentation was destroyed which allowed for maximum mobility in retrieving artifacts that could potentially bring about the return of the Sith. These agents were placed under Lucien's command and he would deploy them from the Draay Estate.[9] When the artifact was retrieved, Lucien would send them to a secret storehouse somewhere in the Galaxy to have the artifact studied and then finally destroyed.[10][11] However, unknown to Lucien, Haazen did not wish for the artifacts to be destroyed for his own purposes.[11] Haazen had arranged it so Lucien would have a more personal relationship with Q'Anilia than just working together in the Covenant and would later find this arrangement amusing.[12]

The Padawan MassacreEdit

"Oh? What was it when we killed our Padawans?!"
Our duty!"
―Xamar and Lucien Draay[src]

Stationed inside the Jedi Tower on the Taris, each of the Masters were assigned a Padawan learner. However, the group reluctantly took the Padawans, not wishing to detract from their mission in preventing the return of the Sith.[1] Lucien was assigned the Padawan Zayne Carrick from Phaeda.[2] Carrick, as well as the other Padawans, were initially trained at the Jedi Enclave under the supervision of Vandar Tokare.[13] Carrick was said to have a special connection with the Force, though this was something that Lucien and the other Masters did not see during Carrick's training.[1] Due to Lucien's concentration on other matters regarding the secret Covenant his mother had formed, Carrick fell behind his classmates. Lucien soon gave up on Carrick and regarded his training as a lost cause,[2] though the other Masters simply believed that Carrick was an example that the Force had a sense of humor and, as a result, never took him seriously.[14]

The Masters set a challenge for their Padawans in 3964 BBY on Taris' Rogue moon, where the Force flowed freely. Feln, Q'Anilia, Raana Tey, and Xamar meditated, attempting to see the future. Tey and Feln saw themselves being struck down by a Sith Lord wielding a red lightsaber and wearing an environmental suit while Q'Anilia envisioned the same being standing over the body of an unknown woman. Xamar envisioned his death as Republic vessels turned on him and destroyed the vessel he was on. The environmental suit was identical to the ones the Padawans were wearing at the time, and Tey suggested that they kill them to prevent the return of the Sith. Xamar was the only one who disagreed, saying that they should first consult their contact, Krynda Draay, on Coruscant. Lucien agreed, though said that he would be the one to make the call. He then noticed that the bulk-loader droid T1-LB was listening in on their conversation, and commanded the droid to take a few steps back and pushed it off the ledge they were meditating on.[4]

The Padawans returned with Carrick, as expected, arriving last. The Masters acted as if nothing had happened and returned to Taris where they announced that they were to be Knighted. Lucien and the others prepared a banquet for the Padawans and their families, while the Masters prepared to strike down their Padawans during the Knighting ceremony, believing Krynda had given the go ahead. They would then shift the blame for the deaths onto Shad Jelavan and claim that they rejected him for Knighting due to his headstrong ways, resulting in him attacking the others in rage. However, upon Jelavan's arrival in the Council chamber, he noticed Lucien's lightsaber hanging from his belt and couldn't believe that Zayne would be Knighted as well as the rest of them. Jelavan then saw through the Masters' ploy, forcing them to strike preemptively.[15] As Carrick walked into the chamber, late due to capturing Marn Hierogryph, he witnessed the massacre that had taken place. Carrick sprinted away from the chamber and attempted to make a getaway.[3] Lucien asked that he not waste their time and simply give up. Carrick continued to run and leaped down the elevator shaft with the Masters in tow. Despite Lucien locking down the entire tower, Carrick managed to make it out to his speeder, with the cuffed Hierogryph, and escape to the skies of Taris.[13]

Crashing into a local school, the Covenant lost track of Carrick as he made his way into the Lower City. Lucien then returned to the Jedi Tower where the Padawans were being carted out of the Council Chambers, where Q'Anilia reported to Lucien that Taris Civil Authority Constable Noana Sowrs would capture Carrick quickly, though Q'Anilia was still skeptical about letting the Civil Authorities in on a such a sensitive subject. Lucien expected as much and assured Q'Anilia that though Carrick still may not be the one to bring about their deaths, they still had to eliminate him. Despite Lucien's assurance, Q'Anilia expressed some concern that Marn Hierogryph would allow for Carrick to evade them though the two expected that he would abandon him in due time. The four seers sat together again to foresee where Carrick would be next, and they saw the Undercity of Taris, a region infested with Rakghouls and slavers.[13] However, the group did not find Zayne in the Undercity, but found themselves fighting off the creatures that lurked there. Lucien pulled Q'Anilia away from fighting to speak with her and she admitted that Hierogryph's involvement had clouded her vision. Lucien then received a communication from Xamar that Carrick and Hierogryph were headed toward the refugee camps outside Machineville in the Lower City.[16]

With the aid of the Civil Authorities, Lucien and the others invaded a particular area called Junk Junction where an old Arkanian offshoot called Camper set up a junk shop with his protector, Jarael—another Arkanian offshoot. While they called for Carrick's surrender, the elderly Camper wished to make a getaway from what he believed would expose him to "the Company", and activated the junk hauler called The Last Resort out of its resting place and took off with Carrick and Hierogryph in tow. Lucien refused Sowrs' offer of help to continue the pursuit after them, telling Sowrs it was "a Jedi problem."[16]


Jedi Master Lucien Draay.

Lucien tracked Carrick and his newly formed group of renegades to the Rogue Moon, below the site of where the Covenant had seen their vision of the devastating future, uncovering the remnants of Elbee. With a contingent of Civil Authority officers, Lucien confronted Carrick and Jarael.[17] However, the vessel used by the authorities was fired upon by the Last Resort, with Hierogryph at the reigns. Using the junk hauler's large vacuum on its underside, Carrick and Jarael escaped, with the remains of Elbee, from Lucien once more.[4]

It was not long afterwards however that the bounty hunter Valius Ying discovered the crew of the Last Resort and captured Carrick. Ying brought him back to the Academy, greeted by an angry crowd jeering at the captured Padawan and supposed murderer, and took him before the Jedi Covenant in their Council chamber. While Ying claimed ignorance of the location of the rest of Carrick's cohorts, Q'Anilia saw through his deception and knew they were still out there, though proudly announcing that the Snivvian abandoned him as she foresaw. Carrick revealed that he knew of their prophecy through the recordings of a repaired Elbee. Lucien was impressed with his insight and told him what exactly had transpired during the Padawan Massacre and revealed the motives of the Jedi Covenant — more specifically, the First WatchCircle's mission. All the while, Ying was present and excused himself to await payment at his shuttle. Knowing Carrick's partners were aboard Ying's ship, Lucien informed Ying that they would be using his shuttle to capture Hierogryph, Camper and Jarael. Ying protested, and Lucien responded by killing him with a slash across the torso with his lightsaber. As Lucien was about to strike down Carrick, the Temple shook and experienced a power failure as it was fired upon. Suddenly, a figure in an environmental suit, armed with a lightsaber, crashed through the ceiling and into Lucien, disarming him. While the figure appeared to be the one from the group's vision, it was revealed to be Jarael. With Carrick throwing the Masters' lightsabers from the Tower, he and Jarael managed to escape to the roof, though Lucien was quick to follow. He declared that Carrick was the danger foretold and that he should fear what he could become, but Carrick simply replied that he couldn't — as fear leads to the dark side. Zayne managed to escape onboard the Last Resort with Jarael, Hierogyph, Camper and Elbee.[15]

Weeks later, after a series of riots breaking out due to the escape of Carrick, Lucien and the other four members of WatchCircle lost control of Taris and were recalled to Coruscant by the Jedi High Council—but not before they received a message from Zayne. He gave them an alleged vision of his own and threatened to hunt them down and force one of them to confess and clear his name. Carrick declared to Lucien that if he does eventually cause the Jedi Order to collapse, that for him to remember that he started it.[15]

Return homeEdit

Upon returning to Coruscant, Lucien and the other masters attempted to meet with Krynda Draay. However, they were denied entrance by the household droid. Lucien met with the Jedi Council and informed them that he might as well have killed the Padawans of Taris, claiming he was guilty of not taking action upon sensing the dark side in Zayne. Lucien asked that his group be leading the search for his renegade Padawan claiming he might discover Sith knowledge and convert other Jedi. Master Vrook Lamar denied him and ordered that they be reassigned to separate postings.[1]

Before separating, Lucien was given a report on a "project" by Raana Tey. Lucien once again attempted to see his mother. However, back at the Draay Estate, all he found was Haazen who lectured Lucien on how he caused the Covenant to just escape exposure. Lucien demanded to know where his mother was, but Haazen refused to give him a straight answer. Lucien left yelling that there was something that he wasn't telling him…but there was also something that Lucien wasn't telling Haazen.[1]

Betrayal on the Arkanian LegacyEdit

When hearing that Zayne was captured by Admiral Saul Karath, Lucien was on his way to fetch him on the Republic starship, Courageous. But while on Telerath, he was shocked to hear that the Mandalorians had just destroyed the entire ship. Haazen sent a holographic transmission to the planet's boardroom for Lucien, telling him that Krynda was safe in the Draay estate. Now believing Zayne was dead, Haazen also related that WatchCircle Vodo has foreseen a mindless, faceless evil in the claws of a prince with a helical scepter that can be made to serve the Sith. Lucien intuitively deduces that Circle Vodo must be referring to Arkoh Adasca, now the owner of Adascorp. Haazen adds that his sources have determined that Adascorp had bugged the security network on Telerath but then it suddenly stopped, about the same time the Moomo Brothers foiled their surveillance of Arvan Carrick. He then ordered Lucien to investigate the situation and discover the source of the dark power.

Lucien would not believe his old friend could possibly turn to crime, but he had to know. He met with Arkoh on board his flagship, the Arkanian Legacy, which he was able to find through corporate leaks. Arkoh brought upon memories of the past and of business though Lucien was not pleased with his avoidance of discussing the exogorths. Arkoh brought in drinks for the two to share. However, he could not afford any uninvited guests on his ship and drugged Lucien, putting him into a coma.[8] When Lucien finally awakened, he was surrounded by HK-24 units and bound to his thought-dead Padawan, Zayne Carrick.[7]


Lucien and his old Padawan, Zayne Carrick, being guarded.

Despite being bound to he that Lucien had swore to kill, Lucien found himself having to work with Zayne in order to escape their binds. When free however, Lucien struck out at Zayne, who was protected only by a pair of vambraces he had received from Camper. Lucien agreed to settle things with Zayne after they dealt with Arkoh.[7]

After destroying the remaining HK-24's in the security room, Lucien and Zayne discovered that Arkoh was allying with the Mandalorians. Carth Onasi joined in after he had slipped out and brought Zayne's lightsaber from his vessel, the Deadweight, to him. Lucien thought it would be best to kill Jarael in order to stop Arkoh. But Rohlan Dyre, with a blaster pointing right behind the Jedi Master's back, would not allow that. Eventually, the Mandalorian turncoat calmed down and decided to help, in order to take Jarael with him. Zayne decided to wear Rohlan's spare armor as a disguise, causing Lucien to feel that his former Padawan had been around Gryph for too long. Lucien later participated in the Battle of Omonoth, revealing himself to Arkoh after Zayne, disguised as a Mandalorian, shoved Carth, who retaliated. Zayne in turn ignited his lightsaber and destroyed several HK-24 units. Falling for the ruse, Mandalore the Ultimate responded by attacking both the Republic and Arkoh's forces. Later, the elder Arkanian scientist Gorman Vandrayk ordered the exogorths to devour the observatory aboard the Legacy after the group escaped, killing Arkoh, though Mandalore escaped to his personal shuttle.[18]

After escaping the observatory, Lucien offered Zayne a deal: if Zayne would turn himself in, he would save them all from the crumbling vessel. Zayne agreed but the arrival of the Moomo Williwaw prevented Lucien from successfully capturing Zayne. However, Lucien did manage to learn that Zayne would be returning to Taris where the hunt began. He fled in his shuttle away from the burning Legacy.[18]

The hunt continuesEdit

On Coruscant, Lucien and Q'Anilia later sensed the death of Raana Tey on Taris. Q'Anilia said the worst part was that Zayne had learned a name from Raana: Krynda, Lucien's mother and the founder of the Covenant.

While Feln and Xamar have arrived back on Coruscant, the Covenant prepared a memorial for Raana, their lost companion. But before they could begin, the remaining three Seers received a vision of an ancient Sith artifact, known as the Muur Talisman. Acting on this vision, Lucien contacted Covenant agent and Shadow Celeste Morne, who was stationed on Taris to retrieve the talisman as well as bring in his former Padawan.

However, Celeste later came to believe that Zayne was innocent and did not kill him. Also, when Celeste fell under the influence of the Muur Talisman, Zayne was able to snap her out of it, and put her in a stasis until they could find help. Unfortunately, a fleet of Mandalorians led by Mandalore's second-in-command, Cassus Fett, launched nuclear warheads at the planet they were on, hoping to eliminate the rakghouls on it, before Zayne could get Celeste off planet. However, Zayne had been given a lead by Celeste, and headed for the homeworld of Master Feln.

On the Jedi CouncilEdit

"So it is that I, Lucien Draay, humbly submit to your wishes by accepting this seat on the Jedi High Council."

Soon after Carrick left Jebble, Lucien was elected to join the Jedi High Council, thanks to Haazen, so that the Covenant's agents could move about freely. While thanking the Council, he said that the true honor belonged to his parents, and that he would do his best to live up to their examples, beginning with an agenda for the future, and preventing the return of the Sith. He next declared his opposition to the interventionist path sought by the Revanchist and that it was wrong for both the Republic and the Jedi. His first motion on the council, which was approved, was ordering the recall, and if necessary, the detention of the pro-war renegades. He ended his speech by declaring his fervent hope that, in the days ahead, "justice" would find his former Padawan, and bring an end to "all Sith threats".[19]

When Zayne and Gryph were captured on Odryn, Lucien contacted Feln, who was on the planet at the time. He incorrectly deduced that Zayne was corrupted by the Talisman, killed Celeste, was going to blackmail the Covenant and use the Sith artifacts stored in the Sanctum of the Exalted to further spread his poison. He orders Zayne's death again and to execute Option Ossus—destroy the Sanctum. But Haazen, who had been monitoring the hologram channel the two Jedi had been using, told Feln to disregard that order. Lucien then argued with Haazen about this, but Feln jumped to his own conclusion—he was going to kill Zayne whether they liked it or not.

However, Feln executed Option Ossus anyway after his fight with Zayne and, enraged at his arrogance, his fellow Feeorin turned on him and killed him. Lucien sensed his death through the Force and began to doubt his own abilities. Xamar and Q'Anilia met with him at the Draay Estate to discuss their next move. Lucien told Xamar that he had told Admiral Karath that Zayne was planning to use the Moomo Williwaw to raid Coruscant for the Mandalorians. Karath was very interested in intercepting him; he still believed him to be a Mandalorian spy. In order to make sure Karath took no prisoners this time, Lucien asked Xamar to join him within the hour.

Xamar agreed, however reluctantly, as he remembered that his part of the Rogue Moon Vision showed him being shot down by friendly fire while with the Republic Navy. Satisfied, Lucien left the Estate in his personal speeder.


"You shall be…what? Something for the illusions under which you have lived. Darth Luzion, perhaps. Darth Sion?"
―Haazen to Lucien Draay[src]

Lucien Draay, angered by the death of his mother.

Little did Lucien know that after Zayne had been captured, Xamar confessed to the Council in order to clear Zayne's name and absolve Krynda of her involvement. Xamar brought Zayne, disguised as a Sith, and Gryph to the Draay Estate in order to bring Krynda out into the open. Lucien then finally met Gryph and was prepared to kill Zayne once and for all when Haazen interjected, wanting to personally examine the so-called Sith. He quickly saw through the facade and as the Jedi Order attacked, Haazen issued Vindication, a command in which all Covenant members must stop the Council should it be infiltrated by the Sith. Also, the man who had taught Lucien, surprised and horrified them all as he revealed himself as a servant of the dark side.[12] Soon he, not Krynda, was the leader of the Jedi Covenant, and his actions pitted the Jedi of the Order against the misguided Jedi of the Covenant. As Lucien attempted to stop him, he was repulsed twice by the power of the Gauntlet of Kressh the Younger on the deceiver's right mechno-arm.[20] His hands and wrists became badly burned in his attempted attack.

When he got up, Lucien chastised Zayne for not seeing that Haazen was a Sith and said that doing the necessary thing, even striking the innocent, was important. Haazen revealed that the Prophecy of the Five, which he originally believed to refer to the First WatchCircle, has now circulated on Q'Anilia, the one in the light standing in the darkness; Gryph the one in the darkness standing in the light; Zayne, the one for the light; Lucien for the darkness; and himself, the one standing apart from the rest, the one who uses both Sith and Jedi to complete his goals. Although he claimed he was not a Sith, Haazen stated that he would have called himself Darth Hayze had he adopted their dark ways. He also suggested giving Lucien the title Darth Luzion or Darth Sion, for the illusions he had been living under, and to train future Sith. He gave Lucien his red lightsaber.[20]

Both Lucien and Zayne would be tempted by the dark side while the Draay Estate burned. As Q'Anilia went to find Krynda, Zayne and Gryph attempted to follow, but Lucien stopped the former, not willing to take a chance that the Rogue Moon Prophecy was correct that Zayne may kill his mother. Zayne avoided him into the dining hall, where he managed to unleash his "special relationship" with the Force, utilizing a powerful Force push against Lucien, which he barely stood against. Zayne tried to reason with Lucien but the Jedi Master was too blind on preventing the prophecy. When Gryph came down with a dying Krynda in his arms, she told Lucien that she foresaw him and the other Masters kill their Padawans and had been in stasis, living that moment over and over. When Lucien said that he ordered the massacre to try to protect her, Krynda was devastated. She asked Lucien who led him to believe that murdering children was the right thing to do, and Lucien horrified her when he said she had taught him to do anything to prevent the return of the Sith. Realizing how horribly she failed her son, Krynda told Lucien she had been wrong the entire time: the lives of children aren't worth it. Krynda told Lucien to accept his mistakes before dying in his arms. When Gryph mentioned that he had taken Krynda out of the Sith stasis pod, Lucien lost control of himself and advanced on Zayne and Gryph with a look of anguish and deep anger on his face, blaming the currently innocent Snivvian.[20]


Draay duels Carrick.

Defending Gryph, Zayne dueled his former Master, who was still using the red lightsaber given to him by Haazen. Gryph was thrown from the Draay Estate, with a dueling Zayne and Lucien following. Haazen watched as the two dueled, until Lucien accidentally damaged a statue of his father, then tried to stop it from falling. The statue fell on top of him, crushing him beneath. Zayne then stabbed Lucien through the statue, seemingly killing him.[21]

Haazen, impressed that Zayne had managed to kill Lucien, told him to kneel before him. Zayne said he would swear himself as Haazen's apprentice as long as he stopped the bombardment of Coruscant. Zayne suddenly grabbed Haazen's mechanical arm, saying he was having a vision. Haazen asked what the vision said, and Zayne simply said he wasn't in it, slicing off his mechanical arm. An enraged Haazen blasted Zayne with Force lightning. Zayne then grabbed Gryph and the two were thrown into the sky. Lucien, who hadn't been killed, was then revealed to be the one who threw them away.[21]

Lucien picked up Haazen's arm, and then revealed what had happened: Zayne had managed to talk some sense into him after Gryph ran off, and from that point on they had acted out the entire duel to catch Haazen off guard and get the Gauntlet of Kressh the Younger off him. Then, using the control mechanism built into the arm, Lucien redirected the Republic fleet's fire at the Draay Estate. Without the Gauntlet to protect him, Haazen perished in the resulting bombardment.[21]

True CovenantEdit

The Gauntlet, however, afforded Lucien some protection, and during the injuries he received and the pain he felt, he mused that he may become a "Lord of Pain", after all. He fought these dark thoughts, however, remembering his father and how he would not stand for what Haazen did, and though his hands remained burned and scarred from his attack on Haazen, and his eyes had been destroyed by the destruction of his estate, he left Coruscant as a Jedi. He retreated to a temperate moon he had purchased with his family's wealth long ago, a place where he could create a true Covenant for the Jedi, embracing the philosophies of both his parents, a place where they could live in peace.[21]

Personality and traitsEdit

"How can I even contemplate such a thing? Your Master Lucien is the scion of an important family—both in the Republic and in the Jedi Order."
Vandar Tokare, to Zayne Carrick regarding the Padawan Massacre[src]

Though he did not possess his mother's second sight, he was an able fighter, like his father. A compassionate individual, Lucien loved his mother dearly. However, as a young man, he also resented her because of her constant references to the Sith War, reminding Lucien of the loss of his father. However, his mother's devotion to the cause eventually carried over to Lucien, and he came to hate the Sith, dedicated himself to preventing their return.[1]

His devotion to this goal eventually turned him into something of a loose cannon within the Jedi, and he performed many questionable actions in the name of saving the future, even attempting to slay his own Padawan. He demonstrated feeling no guilt or remorse for butchering the Padawans of Taris, believing their deaths were necessary to preventing the Sith's return. During the events of Vindication, Lucien revealed that he believed that one must kill even an innocent life and the potential danger is enough to kill an innocent for the sake of the future, which he demonstrated by orchestrating the Padawan Massacre. His hatred of the Sith even led him to underestimate the Mandalorian threat, and he came to see Republic Intelligence as unreliable. Accordingly, he looked down on Revanchists. Also, Lucien had a habit of using deceit and lies to achieve his goals, such as when he framed Zayne Carrick for the Padawan Massacre, telling a half-truth to the Jedi High Council itself, telling his Watchcircle that his mother approved of the Padawan murders, and telling the Republic Navy that Zayne Carrick was a Mandalorian spy just to prevent Carrick from reaching Coruscant.

In the end, Lucien's dedication and belief in paying any cost to prevent the Sith's return left him easily taken in and duped by Haazen's manipulations. He unwittingly became Haazen's puppet, and when this was revealed to him during the events of Vindication, his shame led him to seriously consider actively choosing the path. However, he was shaken out of this downward spiral by Zayne Carrick, the very Padawan he attempted to kill. Remembering his father's perseverance in the face of incredible odds, Lucien followed his father's example, and rebelled against Haazen.

After the events of Vindication, Lucien accepted his mistakes with humility. Realizing that fate is impossible to avoid or prevent, he resolves to instead embrace it and adapt.

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Lucien Draay demonstrated the "disarming slash" while sparring with Raana Tey and Xamar.

Lucien Draay was a practitioner of the first form of lightsaber combat, Shii-Cho.[22] Draay was trained by Haazen, who took over due to Krynda Draay's neglectful behavior. Despite Haazen's lack of power or skill, he was able to mold Lucien into a formidable duelist, proven when Lucien took on the four Seers Raana Tey, Feln, Xamar, and Q'Anilia in separate sparring matches, beating them all.[1] Lucien's skill in Shii-Cho was great enough for him to fend off numerous assassin droids and Mandalorians during the skirmish on the Arkanian Legacy. In the Undercity of Taris, Lucien was able to cut down multiple rakghouls and Gamorrean slavers alongside the other members of his Watchcircle. However, Draay was not invincible, as shown during his final confrontation with his former pupil, Zayne Carrick, whom Draay tried to kill after falling under Haazen's influence when the latter's identity as a Sith Acolyte was revealed. Despite Carrick's comparative lack of skill, and his self-described "awkward" relationship with the Force, he was able to match Lucien blow for blow and hold him off. However, Lucien's skill was still enough that Carrick could not defeat him, and Carrick only survived because he managed to convince Lucien to back down.[23] During his duel with Carrick, Lucien's bladework appeared direct and brutally savage as he tried to push Carrick aside so he could kill Marn Hierogryph for his mother's death.

Apart from being a formidable lightsaber duelist, Lucien Draay was also talented in other applications of the Force, such as telekinesis. While chasing Zayne Carrick after the Padawan Massacre, Lucien demonstrated enough telekinetic power to blow away almost everything in the loading bay including several bulk loader droids. Draay also was able to send Zayne Carrick and Marn Hierogryph a considerable distance from the Draay Estate near the end of Vindication. On the Rogue Moon, Lucien's strength in telekinesis was enough to push T1-LB off a cliff. After the death of his mother, Lucien demonstrated considerable potential in the use of Force rage, which he used in his duel with Zayne Carrick. Although he lacked foresight, Lucien was finally able to see his future after losing his eyesight in the aftermath of Vindication. During his orchestrated duel with Zayne Carrick, Lucien performed considerable proficiency in Force-enhanced movements as he was able to leap from the balcony of the Draay Estate in his attempt to kill Marn Hierogryph before being intercepted by Zayne Carrick.

In addition to being skilled with both a lightsaber and the Force, Lucien Draay possessed considerable physical strength as he was able to throttle Xamar while lifting him off the ground with one arm. Lucien also had a tremendous tolerance to physical pain, such as when he had his hands burnt from the defensive properties of the Gauntlet of Kressh the Younger, had his father's statue fall on top of him, and when he lost his eyes in the aftermath of Vindication.

Lucien's other skills included a fluency in several languages aside from Basic, examples being the Arkanian, Feeorin, Miralukese, Togruti and High Galactic.[22]

Behind the scenesEdit

The name "Lucien Draay" is similar to "Lucien Debray", the name of a character in The Count of Monte Cristo. However, John Jackson Miller, the writer of the Knights of the Old Republic comics, said that it did not, nor was it inspired by anything.[24]

Lucien was originally spelled Lusion.[25]


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