The living quarters of newly-appointed High Council member Lucien Draay served him throughout his brief tenure on the Council.


These chambers were erected in the High Council Tower upon its completion for use by members on the Council while the Jedi Temple was being constructed in another part of Coruscant. Upon Lucien Draay's appointment to the Council in 3963 BBY, two Padawans were assigned to assist in moving most of his equipment into his new quarters from the Draay Estate. Amongst his possessions was a large portrait of his father, Jedi Master Barrison Draay, who had fought and died during the Great Sith War.

Following Operation: Vindication Draay was presumed dead and his seat and quarters were given to another Master. Eventually the Tower would no longer be used by the Jedi Order and the structure was either demolished or repurposed.


Similar to the chambers of the other Council members, the rectangular apartment was carpeted in red with gray walls. A hexagonal door led out into the rest of the High Council member's wing of suites.


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