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"We haven't got time for that nonsense. I've got a subcommittee hearing to chair in…fifteen minutes, and Lando said this was urgent. So let's get straight to it."
"Very well, Senetor Wuul. The reason we asked—"
"Not that. The burtalle. And call me Leuw. Only the opposition calls me Senator."
―Luewet Wuul and Leia Solo[src]

Luewet Wuul, known to his friends as Luew, was a male Sullustan Senator of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances and chairman of the subcommittee on mineral taxation.


In 44 ABY, Wuul learned from General Merratt Jaxton of Galactic Alliance Starfighter Command that Admiral Nek Bwua'tu, Chief of the Navy, had made a deal with interim Jedi Grand Master Kenth Hamner to stop the Jedi from launching a wing of StealthXs in return for Bwua'tu preventing the use of the military against the Jedi Temple.

Later, Wuul's friend, Lando Calrissian, called in a favor from Wuul as payment for the AurebeshSans-Serif credit25 Wuul owed him from a recent sabacc game—he organized a meeting with Wuul, Jedi Knight Jaina Solo, and Solo's parents Han and Leia Solo. The Solos revealed to Wuul that the Jedi had discovered a new group of Sith in the galaxy that was preparing a war fleet. Wuul questioned what they expected him to do about it, claiming he did not have enough leverage over the Chief of State, Natasi Daala, to keep her from undermining Jedi actions and convince her to allow the Jedi free enough range to deal with the Sith.

However, Wuul soon deduced that the Solos wanted him to pass a bill that would cement the Jedi Order's current status, guaranteeing them military and financial support form the Galactic Alliance. They began to debate how they could get the bill past Daala's veto, and Wuul mentioned the recent assassination attempt on Bwua'tu and noted that he was surprised that the Jedi had not threatened to leave Coruscant, considering their support within the Hapes Consortium and the Imperial Remnant. When Leia Solo questioned what the attack on Bwua'tu had to do with anything, he mentioned that Bwua'tu's aide-de-camp, Rynog Asokaji, had thrown Daala off-balance when he had blamed her for the attack as a retaliation against Bwua'tu's deal with Hamner.

The mention took the Solos by surprise—Hamner had kept the deal a secret, and the rest of the Jedi Order, the Solos included, had remained unaware. The Solos were furious at Hamner's unilateral action, but suggested that Wuul pursue the bill anyway. Still, Wuul requested confirmation that by enacting the bill he would not be endangering the lives of the citizens of the Galactic Alliance. When that was confirmed, he also requested that he be provided a distraction to keep Daala occupied while he tried to push the bill through, suggesting the integration of the Imperial Remnant be slowed. He advised that Jaina Solo should convince the Imperial Head of State, Jagged Fel, to make as many small obstacles as possible to hinder the integration of the Empire, at least until the bill passed.

Later around 45 ABY, Wuul was visited by Grand Master Luke Skywalker. He tells him about the suspicions surrounding the heads of GET, the Columi Qreph brothers, Marvid and Craitheus. Wuul informs Luke that the Qrephs are intending to take over the entire galactic economy in a hostile corporate takeover of nearly every industry in the galaxy, with their criminal doings in the process being a fact known unofficially. After Luke sets off to the Chiloon Rift, Wuul was later killed due to the Qrephs' scheming. The Qrephs employed Vestara Khai, whom they thought was Savara Raine, to murder the senator. [1]


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