Luke Skywalker's Walkabout is a comic story written by and drawn by Phill Norwood. It was published in the 1999 Dark Horse Presents Jr. anthology.

Publisher's summaryEdit

See Xena before she was a Warrior Princess. See Ron Lithgow before the aliens turned him into Concrete. See Luke Skywalker before he got his lightsaber. See Elisa Cameron before she became Ghost. See Hellboy eat pancakes. DHP gives you a look at some of your favorite characters before they became your favorite characters--by some of the finest talents in comics.

Plot summaryEdit

Around 6 BBY, Luke Skywalker and Windy Marstrap attempt a journey to Ja-Mero Ridge, but they get held up by a sandswirl. Then Ben Kenobi rescues them and guides them back to the Lars homestead.


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Behind the scenesEdit

This story, originally black and white, was printed in color in Luke Skywalker, Last Hope for the Galaxy. In the original, Windy is referred to as both Windom Starkiller and Windy Marstrap (one can assume that Windy is short for Windom). In the reprint, his last name has been corrected; it is mentioned as Starkiller both times.


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