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"The mission's over."
―Huck Trompo knocks over Essanda's drink while talking to him[src]

Lum was an alcoholic beverage served at the Zero Angle, a bar located in the Imperial Bright Jewel Oversector Flight Base on the moon Axxila III. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, Arutr Essada, a TIE fighter pilots in the Imperial Army's Nashtah Squadron, drank lum while at the bar. Essada's squadmate Huck Trompo spilt the pilot's lum while gesturing.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Lum was created by Michael A. Stackpole for the X-Wing: Rogue Squadron novel released in 1996, and subsequently appeared in a large number of other legends stories. The drink's first appearance in canon was in "Last Call at the Zero Angle", a short story written by Jason Fry and published in Star Wars Insider 156 in 2015.


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