Lumin was a group of twelve BFF-1 bulk freighters belonging to the Galactic Empire. They, along with Mazur, an identical freighter group, were carrying supplies and munitions across the Mylok system with Assassin-class corvette group Bira and Assault Gunboats as escort. The convoy itself was part of a three-wave group, meaning that both Lumin and Mazur had four ships from each of their group at a time, with five corvettes from Bira. A Rebel Alliance strike force consisting of X-wings, A-wings, and B-wings arrived attempting to destroy at least half of the entire convoy. The Nebulon-B2 frigate Blue Ruin arrived to assist the convoy, the frigate contained TIE Avengers from Avenger squadron.

Behind the scenesEdit

The outcome depends on which side the player takes.


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