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The Luminous Bantha was a 30 centimeter tall exact replica of a Bantha. It was carved from a single piece of glow stone and was thought to have been built by the Dim-U priests. This is in fact false; the statue was actually hiding a data card in the very center of it, though it could not be seen due to the stones natural glow. What was on the card was a mystery, but it was wanted by many people, including members of the New Republic and the Galactic Empire. The original carrier of the statue was smuggling the information on the data card to its intended target when circumstances forced him to leave the statue on a bench in a dark corner of Moko's Cantina. The statue was then found by Moko Jax, who displayed it proudly on the counter behind his bar. Though it was only there for a week, it served as a good conversation starter for his patrons. Fortunately for the newly formed New Republic, the Bantha and its data card were recovered by a group of Republic agents who delivered it to the intended target.