Lumiya: Dark Star of the Empire is a short story written by Michael Mikaelian, featured in Star Wars Galaxy #3 which was published by The Topps Company, Inc. in Spring 1995. The story was also available online at Hyperspace. It takes place in 4 ABY, sometime after the Battle of Saijo. Besides the main story, Dark Star also contains much of the title character's backstory, which can be found in her article.

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Lumiya's Nebulon-B frigate Revenant, escorted by the CR90 corvettes Wolf-Pack and Borealis, flies through the Cron Drift en route to Communications Research Station Epsilon Nine so as to obtain a progress report from the Imperial forces there, who have been conducting top-secret research. An ensign then reports New Republic comlink frequencies coming from Epsilon Nine, indicating a Republic takeover of the station, just as Revenant is ambushed by nine X-wing fighters. Lumiya commands Wolf-Pack and Borealis to fire on Epsilon Nine's laser batteries, and sends out two squadrons of TIE interceptors and TIE bombers, the former to destroy the X-wings, and the latter to assist the Corvettes. The X-wings are soon defeated, and Lumiya's fleet continues bombarding Epsilon Nine.

Borealis dispatches two A5 Juggernauts onto the station, which plow through fences and barricades and destroy the outer blast doors. Red-armored stormtroopers soon follow, as a Lambda-class shuttle leaves the Revenant for Epsilon Nine. When Lumiya, aboard the shuttle, arrives at the station, a stormtrooper reports that all Republic forces have been killed, and all personnel accounted for. Lumiya walks up to the scientists and reminds them that they are to develop new spy satellites for Imperial Intelligence, and that she will "overlook consorting with the enemy just this once." With that, Lumiya and her crimson stormtroopers board their shuttles and leave Epsilon Nine.


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