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The lungless were a Gand subspecies. These Gands did not possess lungs and therefore did not respire; they obtained their bodies' necessary metabolic ingredients through the ingestion of their food.[1] The ingested materials aided in gas exchange and waste would be passed through openings in the exoskeleton.[2] Unlike the breather race, lungless Gands could venture offworld without the need of respiratory equipment, though some would wear such equipment anyway, usually to maintain anonymity.[1] Lungless Gands spoke their native language and did not possess the proper vocal cords to speak Basic.[3] In order to do so, they required the aid of a muscular gas bladder that allowed them to draw in and expel gases at a controlled rate through the exoskeleton. Pieces of the exoskeleton would then vibrate to approximate speech.[4]

Ooryl Qrygg, a pilot with Rogue Squadron, was a member of this subspecies.[5]

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