"Lunkar will seize any opportunity granted to obtain his rematch. But if he gets in our way, it won't be a rematch he should be vying for: it should be a one-way travel voucher to the Unknown Regions. If I ever catch him, he'll be in no condition to face the Survival Zones when I'm through with him."
―Lt. Ma'w'shiye[src]

Lunkar An was a male Rellarin scout and a veteran of the Galactic Outdoor Survival School.

Powerfully-built, An was noticeable because of his thick dark brown skin, his small black eyes and his oversized hands.


As a member of the Summit Class, An was successful in the final trek used as a test in the GOSS. He did the trek in 129.1 hours, holding a new record. Proud of his own success, he left GOSS to create his own Jmin Survival Academy, of which he was an instructor.

Seven years later, his record was broken by the Twilight Class, for more than one day. An discovered this fact and returned to GOSS as a student, wanting to "redeem" himself.

An has been since a personal nemesis of Twilight veteran Sisquoc, and has also expressed a personal hatred towards another Twilight veteran Ma'w'shiye. Particularly with Ma'w'shiye, An has had many fights and personal encounters.