«It is glorious to see a power come to our aid when all was thought lost here on this god-forsaken island.»
―Luo about Revan's control of the Force[src]

Luo was a male Rakata warrior serving under the One in 3956 BBY. Luo spent most of his time at the entrance to the black Rakata enclave, where he hoped someone would teach him how to become a great warrior. When Revan sided with Elder Rakata Luo attacked him in hope of this glory. However, he was easily defeated and killed by Revan and his companions.

Behind the scenesEdit

If the player chooses the dark side path, he can talk with Luo, who asks to become his apprentice. He will then await the player to return, however the Player will ignore his earlier promise and Luo will never become his/her apprentice.

If the player is light side, yet he enters the Black Rakata enclave first, then he will get the opportunity to talk to Luo if he decides to side with the One temporarily, if this happens Luo will ask the Player if he/she will train him, just as in the Dark Side option. However, if the Player later chooses to join the Elder Rakata, Luo will attack the Player regardless.


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