Lupo Shar was an unscrupulous Twi'lek denizen of Nar Shaddaa who, circa 3951 BBY, began taking advantage of all the rich-merchant and naïve-foreigner traffic there by fixing the planetary swoop races. After being hounded by the Exchange for their cut of the profits, Lupo found a way to fix the races and keep every last credit: by going "legit."

He commissioned an Aqualish droid dealer named Kodin to create a droid that can pilot a swoop bike better than any sentient ever could. With a droid's body, his new pilot could withstand much greater trauma than flesh-and-blood organics, and all of the weighty safety features could be removed from the swoop bike. Even the Hutts were unable to discover a loophole in this arrangement, thanks to the Exchange's rather strict rules concerning "legality" and business enterprises.

Because it was no longer the Exchange's racer anyway, Lupo pulled out from his dealings with them altogether. This had the unfortunate side effect of completely drying up his business, since every potential paying customer became scared of racing against the "unbeatable" droid champion.



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