"They were on top of the food chain, the sea provided for them. But something changed. They're saying some word here I don't understand. The climate steadily worsened for them, the seas continued to rise, and unpredictable tides eliminated the small land they once farmed."
―Captain Phasma, to TN-3465 referring to a group of Lupr'or's time on Luprora[src]

Luprora was a planet located in the galaxy that had unstable environment conditions. Many years before the Battle of Starkiller Base, the Lupr'or settled on Luprora after escaping their previous home, which had been spoiled by technology. After escaping Starkiller Base during its destruction aboard a TIE fighter, Lieutenant Sol Rivas, who was being pursued by Captain Phasma and TN-3465, landed on the planet after his ship had run out of fuel. Whilst searching the planet for Rivas, Phasma and TN-3465 were attacked by a tsw'ells. After killing the creature, the two were taken by several Lupr'or to a village in which they resided.[2]

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  1. Poe Dameron: Flight Log states that atmospheres habitable to oxygen-breathers, such as humans, are known as "Type 1" atmosphere. Captain Phasma, Part II show that Luprora's atmosphere is breathable to humans, therefore the planet has a Type 1 atmosphere.
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