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"He just loved Kandi"

Luralon Odaay was a Turian from the Limbala sector, who served as a Senator in the New Republic Senate. He was married, with one child and when the Senate was adjourned, he would frequently return to his homeworld to visit them. Because of this, he had no permanent residence on Coruscant and instead, he stayed in hotels, with The Kaerlia Queen being a favorite of his for a few years running. He was a patron of the Dark Vortex Club and possessed a Darth Vader figurine that allowed him to enter it. He liked to engage in the services of the prostitute Kandi who worked a the club.

One day, while he was with Kandi in The Kaerlia Queen, Odaay was assassinated by Cabe, an assassin who had been hired by the Imperial Remnant to kill high-ranking New Republic officials. He killed Odaay using the nerve toxin Fex-EX and then shot him with a high-powered blaster where this had been injected. He also stabbed a gold vibroknife into Odaay's back, as this was the calling-card of the assassin Grandyl Grieve, who Cabe was trying to impersonate. Odaay's death was investigated by New Republic Intelligence agent Daniera Karmony and M'Kyas Love, who was in fact the real Grieve.