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An individual was living during the time of the New Republic. The individual was the child of a Turian New Republic senator named Luralon Odaay, and his wife. At some point while Leia Organa Solo was the New Republic's Chief of State, Odaay was assassinated by Cabe Maquez, a Human assassin who was impersonating a Latarzian named Grandyl Grieve who was a former assassin.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Luralon Odaay's child was to be mentioned briefly in Love Is a Warm Blaster, a short story written by Paul Danner for Star Wars Adventure Journal 17,[3] which was going to be published by West End Games in the fall of 1998.[4] However, when West End Games had financial difficulties, the Star Wars Adventure Journal was canceled along with all of West End Games's other Star Wars products.[5] The story does not specify the species or gender of Odaay's child or whether the child lived on Odaay's homeworld or somewhere else.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

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