"They're natural-born experts at genetic manipulation, and in great demand, my friend."

The Lurrians were a peace-loving species that were native to the planet Lur in the Outer Rim Territories.


"They weren't quite as meek as you thought, were they Zlarb? Just real, real patient."
Han Solo.[src]

These humanoids were bipedal herbivores who possessed fine thick white fur as well as large green-blue eyes. The tallest of their kind were scarcely waist-high to a Human. The soles of their feet were thick, calloused pads. The species were adept at the disciplines of bioengineering and genetics,[1] creating many animals including the Asgnat and Grebnar. They were seemingly descended from herbivoral stock and evolved to the point that they banded together into extended family units. This was partly a defensive mechanism as it allowed them to adequately protect one another from dangerous predators on their world. As true intelligence began to emerge amongst the species, social evolution allowed for a true understanding of the nature of their environment.[2]

Their planet lacked any readily accessible means of resources such as wood and metal. However, the cold world of Lur had an abundance of lifeforms on its surface which included both animal as well as plant forms. The Lurrians first began to domesticate certain creatures which intially led to them being used as food but eventually evolved into transportation and finally as construction tools. In time, they began to engage in selective breeding in order to bring about desirable traits in their lifeforms. They quickly began to learn the fact that various herbs and similar compounds also had an impact on the genetic code of offspring and thus tapped into the art of bioengineering living organisms. As such, they developed the means of creating genetically engineered creatures that ranged from construction to guard creatures which served as an alternative to traditional forms of technology.[2]

Lurrian society also evolved into a peaceful culture and their long lives were often filled with joy as well as recreational forms of activities. They were highly social beings and lived in cities that held several thousand each. In addition, family connections were strong amongst their people and violence was rare amongst the Lurrians. [2] The selling of Lurrian slaves was noted to had been worth between four to six thousand a piece on the Invisible Market.[1]



Lurrian slaves captured by Magg and Zlarb

The Lurrians were noted to had developed the art of bioengineering entirely on their own and had bred numerous genetically engineered organisms on their world. Despite their talent, they preferred to remain on their homeworld and many did not take part in contracts for genetic research with outsiders. After the Clone Wars had ended, they were one of a number of species that were enslaved by the Galactic Empire. Once this was done, the Empire placed a number of rigid restrictions on cloning and genetic research though not everyone was happy with these imposed laws.[1]

The employers of Zlarb and Magg both desired to make use of the Lurrians talents though the species refused to take part in any contract of employment. This led to the two slavers in abducting fifty Lurrians in order to sell them offworld and had hired Han Solo early in his smuggling career. The Corellian was, however, completely unaware of the transportation of slaves and after discovering this; he freed the enslaved Lurrians from the slave traders.[1]

During the Yuuzhan Vong War many New Republic scientists came to study Lurrian bioengineering.[3]

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