Luthus Tadrin was the Moff of Tadrin subsector, which had been named after his family.


Tadrin was a classy man; he enjoyed art, music, and fine food. His taste for expensive things was due to his wealth; he was one of the richest men in the galaxy, and therefore he could afford extravagance. (His father, Lormus Tadrin, owned many businesses that he sold right before they went bankrupt and before the impending bankruptcy was public knowledge. This is where much of the Tadrin family wealth originated.) Whenever Luthus was on Coruscant, Luthus would make a point to go to the Galaxies Opera House. As Luthus was a strong supporter of Palpatine, the Emperor allowed Luthus to use his private box in the Opera House as it was never used otherwise.

When Luthus became the Moff of the Tadrin sector, he had a large castle built for himself on an island in the middle of a small lake next to the capital city of Minashee named Minsah. The castle was extravagant and had many valuable paintings, sculptures, statues, and vases. The castle also had its own Opera House where Luthus could watch shows whenever he desired. Luthus had four trophy wives, and by them Luthus had three sons: Lugus, Linus, and Lactus, and four daughters, Lora, Lena, Lona, and Lera. When the Empire fell, Luthus managed to avoid drawing attention to himself and therefore was able to avoid much conflict.