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Lux Bonteri was the son of the late Separatist senator Mina Bonteri. After his mother's death by order of Separatist leader Count Dooku, Bonteri conspired with Mandalorian terrorist group Death Watch to assassinate Dooku.


Lux Bonteri was the son of Onderon's[1] senator, Mina Bonteri, and her husband,[3] born at some point before the Clone Wars.

The Clone WarsEdit

"Well, I mean, you think we're all the bad guys. But how many of us have you actually met? And droids don't count."
"Well, other than military officers like Grievous and Ventress… none, I guess. You and your mother are the first."
"Well, look at me. Am I so bad?"
―Lux Bonteri and Ahsoka Tano, in a discussion of perspectives[src]

After the formation of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Lux went with his mother to a home on Raxus, where she was a member of the Separatist Senate. Lux then lost his father when he was killed on Aargonar by the clone troopers.[3]

During the Clone Wars, Bonteri then met Naboo Republic Senator Padmé Amidala and Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano who came to speak with his mother about negotiating a peace treaty between the Confederacy and the Republic. He then spoke with Ahsoka, asking her what she thinks of the Separatists, if she has ever met one besides military officers such as Ventress and Grievous. She then saw them off following the Separtist Senate's vote for peace. His mother was then killed in barbaric attack that was blamed on the Republic.[4] Bonteri was then given his mother's position as Senator of Onderon for the Separatists.[2]

Confronting DookuEdit

However, Bonteri learned that Dooku and his agents was behind the attack on his mother. He then sought out the Mandalorian Death Watch under former Separtist ally, Pre Vizsla. Like Bonteri, he too desired revenge on Dooku for disowning him, his Death Watch, and forcing them into exile on Carlac. Together, they planned to track Dooku down with a Holotrace device and then kill him.[5]

Bonteri then burst into a peace conference on Mandalore between the Confederacy and the Republic. There he was given permission to speak, claiming that Dooku was behind his mother's death and that all the Separatist senators were being deceived. He was then removed from the conference by Separatist Congress leader Bec Lawise and the Commando droids. Bonteri was then brought before Dooku via hologram, who still denies involvement in his mother's death and then ordered his execution for treason. However, Lux was then saved by Ahsoka and Lux was then taken to the Phoenix as the conference broke out into fighting between the Senate Commandoes and the commando droids. Lux then refused to accept an amnesty from the Republic, insisting that he has plan to deal with Dooku with others in this cause. He then knocked out Ahsoka, hid her lightsabers and then set course for Carlac.[5]

Lux then met up with Vizsla's second in command, Bo-Katan Kryze, who took him and Ahsoka to their camp. There, Lux gave Vizla the holo-tracer and took part in his celebration. Ahsoka, however did not trust Vizsla and Death Watch. Lux, however was convinced that they had honor when they told Chieftain Pieter would return the Ming Po women back to their village. However, Lux saw the truth when Vizsla and his soldiers scorched the village. Lux saw Vizsla as murderer when planned to execute Ahsoka for the Jedi's crimes against Mandalore. Luckily, R2 and the droids he fixed, gave Ahsoka her lightsabers. With R2's assistance, Lux and Ahsoka were then able to escape to the Phoenix. However, Lux then went to an escape pod. He told Ahsoka that he could not go with her and wanted to find his own way.[5]

Return to OnderonEdit

Lux then returned to his homeworld of Onderon and joined the resistance under Steela and her brother Saw Gerrera. Together, they fought the Confederation occupation force under King Sanjay Rash. However, Lux and Saw then contacted the Jedi Council for assistance to restore the true king, Ramsis Dendup.[1]

Help then arrived with Jedi Generals Kenobi, Skywalker, Ahsoka, and Clone Captain Rex training them to fight the battle droids.[1] Eventually, after some time training, Bonteri, Tano and the Onderon rebels—led by Steela—made their presense known to the people in Iziz and fought against the droid army, forcing them to retreat. Onderon was won, Dendup became king again, and Bonteri—having his faith placed in the Jedi and the Republic—was appointed Senator of Onderon. He swore to serve the Republic.

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