The Luxury 2800 was a luxury yacht produced by the SoroSuub Corporation.

The successor to the 1550-LEX space yacht, and the predecessor to the Luxury 3000, the Luxury 2800 was sleeker, smaller, and more streamlined than the Luxury 3000. The 2800 was built on a very similar spaceframe, utilizing a sleek hull with many opaque windows, as well as the dual drive pod system that would be a signature quality of the later Luxury classes. Being a luxury yacht, the ship was well furnished with many luxury amenities and custom high-priced options for the amusement of passengers.

Due to its smaller size and powerful drive systems, the Luxury 2800 had very good sublight speed, and was faster than both its predecessor and successor. It was also relatively modifiable, being able to support upgraded shield generators, enhanced sensors, a reinforced hull, hidden compartments, and even a handful of concealed weapons without noticeable impact on the ship's performance.