The Luxury 5000 was a yacht manufactured by SoroSuub Corporation. It was a large spacecraft, usually reserved for the extremely rich and wealthy. It could carry up to thirty passengers and was frequently used to host parties. It came standard with many luxury items, such as gourmet food processors, whirlpool tubs, dance rooms, and an extravagant dining hall. The cabins of the yacht were large and luxuriant, many times with expensive stonework refresher, genuine carpet, expensive lace and silk beds, and large, open closets. The yacht had every accommodation that the rich and wealthy would desire. In addition to this, the ship itself was fairly fast and highly maneuverable. In its forward struts, it had two hangar bays, one per strut. Each of these hangar bays could carry up to three fighters. They were also the access point for the cargo hold and were protected by ray shielding.

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