Lyda Skims was a female Human who served as a Rebel Alliance operative known as "Skimmer".


Skims was born in 23 BBY to Lynn and Doyle Skims and had a brother, Athon. Her job working at her mother's textile factory on Corellia gave her a knowledge of clothing design, engineering and droid repair. Her other interests included arts and modern dance. After the deaths of her father and brother while serving the Alliance, Lyda was devastated and decided to continue their tradition of service.

Though she lacked significant combat skills, she served on undercover missions for the Alliance such as the investigation of Imperial Project Dead Eye in about 1 ABY. On that mission, Lyda recovered secret plans related to the project but was captured at an Imperial installation and charged with trespassing. When the Imperial transport carrying her broke down, she escaped in to the wilderness with the data disk carrying the plans. She hid there until she encountered an operative sent by the Alliance to find her.