Lyt Re was a female Twi'lek[1] who lived during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. Around the time of the Battle of Naboo,[2] Re conspired with the Duros gambler Kelna Toodo to help deceive a group of individuals into acquiring the Barzo cargo freighter Radiant Splendor. Toodo had been tasked by the Hutt casino-owner Beeda with eliminating the individuals after they had meddled with Beeda's affairs, and the Duros planned to set a trap for his targets aboard the freighter. In the run-down cantina The White Door, in the port town Akmalla on a world near Hutt Space, Toodo lured the individuals into participating in a sabacc game against himself, Re, the Human Jokot and the Cerean Lar-Odo, and on Toodo's instructions, Re posed as the owner of the Radiant Splendor and deliberately played badly throughout the game. She lost many hands and pretended to grow more nervous as the game progressed, and for her final hand, she staked the Radiant Splendor and lost it to the individuals. Re then finished her drink and stormed out, and she made her way to a nearby hotel. The individuals subsequently took possession of the Radiant Splendor and they were able to thwart Toodo's plot.[1]


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