M'a Jong was a female Duros who owned a successful casino on the planet Elerion. Faced with numerous competitors, she commissioned projects to develop completely new games of chance. M'a Jong's developers were given the goal to make simple but addictive games to drive repeat business. M'a realized that to actually make money in casinos, the games needed to be quick and require little thought. She eventually made profits from her failed projects by licensing some of the less successful gambling ideas. One such game was Galactic Tiles, a fun and engaging matching game.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game players could acquire the card M'a Jong's Galactic Tiles Arcade Cabinet. The card could then be redeemed for an arcade game in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies that the players could place in their houses. When the arcade game is examined, the description texts reveals M'a Jong and her story. Her name is a reference to the Chinese game Mahjong on which the Galactic Tiles game is based.