"Fool. If you think I'm going to be target practice for a rogue droid with a flamethrower, you're mistaken"
―Arlain Zee, to Volan Das[src]

M-1991 was a Bugnaught bounty hunter who operated during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. Circa 21 BBY, M-1991 was captured by the Galactic Republic and imprisoned alongside other wanted bounty hunters aboard the Venator-class Star Destroyer Tempestuous for transport to Coruscant, the Republic capital. During the voyage, the prisoner Arlain Zee escaped from his cell and freed M-1991 and several other bounty hunter. While a large group of bounty hunters attacked their clone trooper guards, Zee, M-1991, the Gand Esu, the Iktotchi Volan Das and the Trandoshan Kessk attempted to make their way to the hangar bay, so that they could steal a starship and flee. However, M-1991 was soon recaptured by the clones, and on arrival on Coruscant he was escorted off the Tempestuous along with Esu and Kessk by two clone troopers.