Farrimmer Cafe SWJ11

Treedee greets visitors to the Farrimmer Café

M-3PO, also known as Treedee, was a Cybot Galactica Human-cyborg relations droid that served at the Farrimmer Café as the maitre'd. Before becoming a maitre'd, Treedee monitored communications for the crew of the Mynock 7 Space Station. Treedee easily became sidetracked, so his owner had to sell Treedee to H'nib Statermast. Treedee then discovered that he would be the maitre'd of the Farrimmer, and was happy to finally work in an environment that utilized his talents and services.

Treedee's name was a shortened form of the word "maitre'd." Treedee used the credits he would collect from his tips to buy oil baths, every now and again.



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