The M-3PO military protocol droid was a variant of Cybot Galactica's successful 3PO-series protocol droid, designed for military applications. These droids were common sights in planetary garrisons and starfighter bases.


M3PO egtd

M-3PO schematic

Cybot Galactica's M-3PO military protocol droid were produced with a black-hued version of the standard 3PO-series humanoid body. Their sensor-filled, clamshell-shaped heads were appropriated from the discontinued KW traffic controller.

Despite their "military" designation, M-3PO units were not designed as battle droids. Rather, they were administrative organizers, programmed with the rules and regulations of over six million military and paramilitary organizations. M-3POs specialized in equipment requisitioning, barracks billeting, duty roster planning and personnel file management. These units were notoriously thorough, and insisted on maintaining procedure through the "proper channels".



A Cybot Galactica M-3PO military protocol droid.


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