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M-OC was an Imperial hunter droid which was created by Emperor Sheev Palpatine and was tasked with locating and capturing the Force-sensitive Rowan Freemaker. He had a personal starship called the Tracker I.



Following the skirmish on Coruscant, the Emperor Palpatine secretly commissioned a hunter droid called M-OC. The Emperor was frustrated with the incompetence of his minions and desired revenge against Rowan Freemaker for stealing the Kyber Saber from him. The Emperor presented M-OC to his second-in-command Darth Vader and three other Imperial officers.[3]

Mission to TibaltEdit

The Emperor and Vader later watched M-OC participate in a simulated exercise against several pop-up targets. M-OC used his gadgets included a flamethrower, blades, and blasters to destroy all the targets. Impressed with M-OC's performance, the Emperor asked Lord Vader about his thoughts. Vader opined that the Emperor should not take pride in this technological terror since he was not Force-sensitive. M-OC responded that he lacked offspring that wanted to kill the Emperor. M-OC accepted the Emperor's orders to hunt down Rowan Freemaker. He used the Imperial database to deduce that the Freemakers would be scavenging on the planet Tibalt, which had seen a recent battle between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance.[3]

Instead using the door, M-OC blaster his way out and headed towards his starship Tracker I. M-OC landed the Tracker I near the crash site and used his sleek, shiny starship to lure Rowan. When Rowan approached the ship, M-OC used a grappling arm to grab the boy and lock him in the ship's brig. After announcing that his target had been acquired, M-OC took off. He used a hologram to communicate with Rowan and told the boy that the Emperor had sent him to capture Rowan. When Rowan objected, M-OC countered that the boy's feelings were irrelevant.[3]

The Freemakers and Quarrie gave chase in the CT-900 freighter StarScavenger and managed to fire at one of the Tracker I's wings. Rowan used his lightsaber to break out of the brig and Force jumped into the StarScavenger's scoop. Unwilling to give up the hunt, M-OC pursued the StarScavenger and shot down the freighter. M-OC then demanded that the boy surrender. Rowan refused and the two duelled. M-OC managed to trap Rowan under a net but the boy used his lightsaber to break free. M-OC maneuvered Rowan towards the Tracker I with his various gadgets.[3]

Kordi and Quarrie fired a wrecked starship into M-OC and the Tracker I, damaging both. M-OC survived disintegration but was unable to stop the Freemakers and Quarrie from fleeing offworld. M-OC reported his failed mission to the Emperor but put the blame on the Imperial database for omitting the fact that Rowan had a lightsaber. He also informed the Emperor and Lord Vader that the Freemakers had joined the Rebellion because they were traveling with the shipbuilder Quarrie. The Emperor ordered M-OC to find Rowan, the rebels, and the Kyber Saber; mistakenly believing that the Freemakers still held the weapon.[3]

Duel at Aliston NorEdit

Following the events on Tibalt, the Emperor outfitted M-OC with a double-bladed spinning lightsaber. Despite the gift, M-OC was still bitter over his failure on Tibalt. While the Emperor tried to humor M-OC that he was his favorite "hunter droid", M-OC responded that he was the only hunter droid listed in the Imperial database, making favorites irrelevant. Darth Vader was jealous of M-OC's status since he feared that the droid would supplant his relationship with the Emperor. Continuing his hunt for Rowan, M-OC informed the Emperor that he was search the Imperial database for salvage sites.[4]

Later, the Imperial probe droid XJ9MO2 reported that the Freemakers' ship StarScavenger had entered Aliston Nor's planet. Rowan, Roger, and Quarrie had traveled to Aliston Nor's planet on a mission to seek inspiration to build the Arrowhead, a ship that Rowan believed could turn the tide of the Galactic Civil War. M-OC informed the Emperor of this news before heading to Aliston Nor. Flying the Tracker I, M-OC discovered that Rowan, Roger, and Quarrie had reached the top of the ancient Tower of Aliston Nor, which overlooked the ancient city of the Force Builders. M-OC fired on the rebels, causing them to fall from the tower. However, Rowan used the Force to cling to a vine and to stop his comrades from falling to their deaths.[4]

Armed with his new double-bladed spinning lightsaber, M-OC fought Rowan. M-OC also fired blaster bolts at Rowan in an effort to overwhelm the young Jedi trainee. After leaping from vine to vine, Rowan tricked M-OC into firing his blasters at a balcony, which crashed on the droid and threw him to the ground. M-OC recovered only to be run over by a pack of gundark predators. Rowan and his comrades took the opportunity to escape offworld. M-OC managed to escape the gundarks and rebuild himself. He reported his encounter to the Emperor and Lord Vader, who warned him to perform better next time.[4]

Encounter on Taul Edit

Following that, M-OC onboard his ship,Tracker I, was monitoring many Imperial Transmissions hoping for a lead to find Rowan Freemaker, when the Emperor called him and was sarcastic about his plan. Eventully, a bounty hunter called the Imperial Palace (with M-OC monitoring the transmission) and informed the palace that Rowan and his siblings were going to Taul. Once arrived on Taul, M-OC battled Rowan and his siblings how managed to trash and electrocute the hunter droid.

On the Executor Edit

Eventully, he was found by Darth Vader, and repaired onboard the Executor. After his repairs where done, M-OC stayed onboard the Executor to get a lead on the whereabouts of Rowan Freemaker. He then overheard Graballa, who informed Vader that he has Rowan Freemaker in custody at their old shop in the Wheel. When M-OC questioned Vader about the Freemaker boy, Vader tricked him that the boy is on the other side of the Galaxy, which M-OC fell for.

Duel on Qalydon Edit

M-OC was on his ship searching through the Imperial Database when he found Roger's casserole recipe(that was uploaded near the Qalydon System) which made him curious. Once he arrived to the destroyer, it's commander was insisting that a rebel couldn't have accessed the database, but M-OC found traces of Freemaker activity and decided to investigate. Once arrived on Qalydon, he battled Rowan Freemaker and taunted him about his care for the Lurmen Princess. With the help for Rowan's siblings, Rowan used the force to bury M-OC under TIE Fighter junk and escape. Eventually, M-OC broke free.


M-OC was an Imperial hunter droid that was equipped with various gadgets include blades, grappling arms, flamethrowers, blasters, and rocket boosters. M-OC "lived to sever" his master Emperor Palpatine. M-OC was solely concerned with serving his master and did not care for sentiments. He was a ruthless warrior and a skilled pilot who was programmed to fly the starship Tracker I. M-OC was able to access the Imperial database and used it to generate clues on the location of Rowan Freemaker. M-OC could also survive considerable damage.[3]

M-OC also knew how to fight with a double-bladed spinning lightsaber but preferred to separate the two blades. His combat strategy was to overwhelm his opponents with his gadgetry and taunt them.[4] Despite his superior intellect and armaments, Rowan and his companions managed to outwit him on several occasions.[3][4] M-OC had a calm and collected demeanor and used the Imperial database to gather intelligence on the movements of his opponents. He also took failure seriously and expressed frustration at inaccurate information.[4]


Besides his various gadgets, M-OC flew the Tracker I, a sleek and powerful starship.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

M-OC was first announced at Celebration Orlando in April 2017 as the new antagonist in the second season of the animated Disney XD television series LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures . He was also designed by Doug Chiang, who also designed M-OC's ship Tracker I. M-OC was voiced by James Urbaniak. The show's co-creator Bob Roth described M-OC's ship as an extension of M-OC. M-OC's name is derived from the LEGO fandom term "MOC", short for "My Own Creation" given to models built with no instructions.[5]



Notes and referencesEdit

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